Mellon Udrigle Turbine

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how could anyone destroy this?

Dear Ms Stevens,

I have been visiting your blog for some time and have admired your paintings greatly. I really do get a lot of pleasure out of seeing many scenes I recognise beautifully adapted for canvas. In particular, I enjoy seeing the vivid green seas you sometimes paint. I feel I must therefore tell you that one of these scenes is under threat.

Given that to many people the world famous Mellon Udrigle beach is a jewel in the crown of the Ross-Shire landscape, you should know about this 16.5m (55ft) high wind turbine being proposed for it. This beach is significant for numerous reasons and must be protected. If you agree, please read on and together we can try and stop it.

Object here by clicking on 'Make a public comment' top right:

Points of Relevance:
View from beach breathtaking and takes in much of the Wester Ross National Scenic Area
Turbine to be constructed by non-resident
Large area of headland to be fenced off
White tailed sea eagles often seen low flying in area and may be effected by turbine
Andrew Marr calls beach 'heaven on earth'/ Frank Fraser Darling mentions Mellon in his famous book 'Island Years'/ Colin Baxter made beach iconic in celebrated photographs/ beach featured on BBC Coast television show/ beautifully mentioned in the literature of Bryan Islip
Opposition by 'Visit Loch Ewe' gains support on internet (
Beach very popular on internet photo sharing websites - ie the beach shows Wester Ross on the global stage - over 1100 photos of it on Flickr where images of it regularly receive hundreds of comments and win user awards (

Please help. Please object. Please spread the word.

Thank you.

If granted, the turbine will be right in the middle of this view of the magnificent An Teallach as seen as you step foot onto Mellon.